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Hiring a Concrete Regina contractor doesn’t have to be so hard.

Welcome resident of reginal and the world. Are looking to hire a concrete contractor worthy of your time and effort? You have come to the right place.

Who we are

We are a Regina based concrete company with a strong physical presence and actual location unlike other “Regina concrete giants” you might encounter on the web. We believe that proper customer care begins with building a mutually beneficial relationship. Ours starts with honesty and integrity as well as on timely delivery on our promise of tough concrete works to last decades.

What we do

When you are the busy person you are, it can be difficult to get any construction work done with precision without suffering the cost on your personal life and work. Instead, of outsourcing from various service providers, you can simply hire a reliable contractor. Doing so will guarantee your safety and timely completion of your projects without the need for repetition.


Whoever says that hiring a contractor can be a headache may now change their mind about the same after reading this. Concrete pouring or demolishing concrete requires precision and skill from preparation to pouring, healing and cleaning up after, general contracting services require the perfect hire or you are doomed to fail. So what are the most important things to remember about concrete installation? What about hiring? Concrete Regina Read on!

Why us?

At our concrete construction company, we believe in in making high quality mudjacking concrete works available for all Regina residents. We provide great concrete leveling, raising and void filling if your driveway is sunken. Over the years we have gathered some useful experience in repairing and constructing new concrete slabs. We specialize in mudjacking and polyjacking.

Getting a free quote for your concrete job

Most concrete contractors will be all too happy to provide you with “binding” quotes for your project without inspecting the site. But a good concrete company will know better than to quote without a on-site inspection and proper understanding of the project that is to be implemented. This on way to tell if you are dealing with a professional concrete service or quacks. Just the same, any competent contractor ought to be able to provide rough estimates and ballpark price accurately when needed.

But to really determine who the best concrete professional for hire is, you need to ask some detailed questions about your project. Ask them for some referrals and addresses of projects they have embarked on recently and actually take time to visit.  Also, ask how soon before you can safely walk or park on your newly poured concrete slab. If they give you anything less than 2 weeks because you gave them a false sense of urgency they have failed the test. A concrete driveway needs up to a month to heal nicely before you can park on it.

A concrete contractor with a difference means a quality durable structure with a beautiful professional finish. Coming here was the right move for you looking to hire a professional Regina contractor you can trust. Whatever you do, don’t let someone who knocked on your door and say that they just happened to be in the neighborhood and with a little more asphalt. If they do come thus far, don’t let them touch your driveway. These just end up doing a heck of a shoddy work before completely disappearing on you when you concrete begins to crack.

Driveway contractor Regina

Driveway contractor Regina
Installing a driveway is delicate work requiring skill patience and precision. And above all, it begins with making the right choice of a contractor to hire. Asking the right hiring questions is only a piece of the puzzle. But if you get the hiring bit wrong the consequences could be dire. Once you can maneuver your way past the sea of amateurs and weekend warriors, you will enjoy the benefit of hiring a professional.

Nothing beats experience when working concrete

Our skill and experience in pouring concrete in Regina and neighboring regions remains unmatched. That is primarily because we believe that when it comes to working with concrete, skill and precision is key and the devil is in the details. We are adequately equipped to handle any challenge you can throw our way with focus on the unique details you want on your project.

When it comes to mudjacking, you need a provider who will dedicate their resources towards your project from bidding to completion. We are determined to give all you our clients the best mudjacking for affordable rates and at a lesser cost for the value we add to your property. Our hard earned experience goes a long way to ensure that your project, no matter how small or complicated, is a success. To us, all our clients are the same and we treat their jobs with the same priority.

Reliable mudjacking in Regina service you can trust

For years, we have been too busy providing our esteemed clients with the best enviable mudjacking. We pride ourselves in our skill and workmanship when working on your project and giving it the most detailed professional finish.
Our good reputation proceeds us and we enjoy repeat business from real estate developers and other businesses in Regina. We have a vast collection of testimonials we have earned through actual value addition to homes and businesses and a great customer service.

Residential and commercial concrete Regina contractor

We service government, residential, commercial, educational, retail and industrial properties in Regina with concrete lifting services whenever they need us. If you are interested in hiring us for your concrete work you should feel free to fill out our discovery form. We will gladly give you a free on site quote for your entire project with surprising accuracy.

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Whether you need concrete lifting for your sunken patio, sidewalk or pretty much any other concrete slab work, we are yours go to specialists for premium work at affordable rates. Call us today and give us a chance to earn your trust and your business.